A Round Up Of Our Favorite Nightclubs In Our Most Popular Destinations


1. Cova d’en Xoroi Nightclub, Menorca:

If you are looking for a way to close out the summer months with a bang, then this nightclub, set high above sea level in the resort of Cala’n Porter on the south coast of Menorca, is the place to do it. It is considered one of the most impressive clubs throughout the Balearic Islands with its outside terraces that lead to natural caves with intimate seating areas and a dance floor. No matter which night you decide to attend, you are sure to enjoy one of the greatest nights of your life as you’re led by one of the regular DJs. If you’re looking for an evening you’ll never forget, check the events calendar on the website www.covadenxoroi.com, and attend one of the live music performances or a special themed night with an international DJ.

Photto Credit: dgbury @ Flickr.

Photto Credit: dgbury @ Flickr.

The club opens at 11:00 p.m. and closes at 6:00 a.m. (make sure to check the website as times change according to season and weather). The cover charge is 20 Euros which includes an alcoholic drink, and they enforce a smart casual dress code. If you want more information, or want to make a reservation, you can visit the website listed above, email them at cova@covadenxoroi.com, or call at +34971377236. Make sure this is a summer season you won’t soon forget and head to Menorca before the warm days are gone.

2. Space Menorca Nightclub, Menorca:

The summer months are a time for the young to travel, let loose, and really party hard. A new club on the island, Space Menorca, has introduced a new concept of sophisticated nightlife, with the most powerful sound systems, advanced LED technology, and the latest video mapping software. If this new club is trying to unveil a new way to party, then it certainly has the space to do so. It is divided into three areas: an open entrance hall with bar, for you to meet up with your friends before getting lost in the fray; a main club room with dance music, for you to get your groove on; and a large outdoor “chill-out” terrace upstairs with lounge seating and two bars, for you to take a break from dancing and chatting with your friends. There are also VIP zones in the club and upstairs which can be booked beforehand. There are constantly theme nights like Retrospective Sundays, Super Girl Wednesdays, and a different party night every Saturday. Go to the website www.spacemenorca.com to pick the perfect night for you and your friends.

Photo Credit: Abeeeer @ Flickr.

Photo Credit: Abeeeer @ Flickr.

The club is open every night from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and costs 25 Euros to enter, but discount coupons can be found all over the surrounding area (bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.). For more information you can visit the website listed above, email them at info@spacemenorca.com, or call them at 627 802 047. If you and your friends are looking to party in a whole new way, then travel to Menorca and check out this cutting-edge club.


1. Pacha Nightclub, Majorca:

If you and your friends want to go out, but have different tastes in party music, then the Pacha Nightclub in Majorca is the place for you. It is set on Paseo Maritim in Plama, and spread over three floors. It has the usual terraces with wonderful views, a restaurant, and VIP rooms like most clubs. What makes it special is the three separate rooms which each feature a different kind of music with one playing mostly house music for those who like to dance, one playing funk for those who like to “get down” and funky, and another featuring chill-out music for those who need to relax and have a few drinks. The club also features a variety of party nights and exclusive music events. See the website http://www.pachamallorca.es or the dates of these events, and to view the days of regular theme nights like “Pacha Classics” on Mondays. If you wish to make reservations or just want more information, you can also visit the website listed above for contact information. The Pacha Nightclub offers a wide variety, but the summer season is about to pass, so don’t miss their prime events, and head to Majorca for the closing of the season.

Photo Credit: Traveling_Shan @ Flickr.

Photo Credit: Traveling_Shan @ Flickr.


1. The Schneewittchen, Zermatt:

With the winter months just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for your winter travel. For those of you who aren’t tired out after a day on the slopes, one of the best party clubs in the Alps, is very close by. It is located in the Papper la Pub, which is also a nice place for a drink, and opens at 11:00 p.m. running until 3:30 a.m. Since opening in 2003, it has been the meeting point for locals, season workers, VIPs, ski teachers, ski bummies, and international party people. It is a great place to meet people in the area and make friends with fellow visiting skiers. There is a wide variety of events held here. The most famous of the nights to attend are the Rock ‘n Roll Sundays which feature bands from all over the world. On top of this, the club shows popular DJs and party labels, and has some of the craziest party themes. You can check out the website www.papperlapub.ch/das_schnee.html to see what theme will best suit you, when guest DJs will appear, and the dates of special live performances. Whether you need to fill the time between slope sessions, or are just a party hound, the Schnee or the “snow” is, ironically, one of the hottest spots in the area.


1. Pub Mont Fort, Verbier:

For those skiers who like a cheap drink after they get off the slopes, then a wild party once they have rested up will find the Pub Mont Fort to be a paradise in the snow. This beautiful historic building in the heart of the Swiss Alps is host to many wild nights w/ after skiing parties, live music, half- priced happy hour and much more. On top of this, they have weekly drink promotions, sports on the big-screen, and great food. There are two large bars on both levels, and more importantly, customers can try their luck at the legendary shots bar, where the “shot master” creates a new shot almost every night. As the season approaches, go to the website www.pubmontfort.com to see the upcoming weekly promotions and parties. This place is for a variety of skiers with their delicious and fresh menu, wide variety of drinks, many types of live music, and a never-ending list of party ideas. Come out to Verbier and experience the combination of amazing skiing followed by a night of drinking and fun.

Photo Credit: PGCreativeLtd @ Flickr.

Photo Credit: PGCreativeLtd @ Flickr.

2. The Farm Club, Verbier:

For those skiers and partiers who love the spotlight, there is a nightclub which claims to have the highest profile in the resort. The Farm Club carries a great history, still having the two original owners, and has a great reputation that has yet to be challenge by others in the area. It has seen the likes of David Bowie and Diana Ross, both of whom used to dance the night away with slope workers and ski bums. To preserve this history, the booths, benches, and even support beams have been renovated and replaced. When you dance in this club, you are literally dancing in the same place as European royals and countless celebrities. The clubs chic, sexy interior is home to many events and parties, and should be on the list of any partier headed to the area for the ski season.

The hours for this season have not yet been posted, but last year the club opened at 11:00 p.m. and had no definite closing time. As the season gets closer, check the website www.hotelnevai.com/farm-club for current hours and upcoming events. This club is known as the place to see and be seen, so if you wish to get on the map, or share a drink with a famous celebrity while you talk about the slopes, this is the club to go to.

Final Few Days in Zermatt

Our competition winner Rob, and his friends, enjoy their last few days in Zermatt before packing their bags and saying goodbye to the luxury Chalet Altesse, and Zermatt.

Thursday 2nd Febraury – On Thursday we decided to get a couple of hours in skiing but to take it pretty slow and have our first day exploring the resort by ski. We planned the route early on in the day and hit the slopes for 11am. It was bitterly cold even in and around Zermatt, with temperatures at the Matterhorn reaching a chilling -23! The route we planned was a mixture of red and blue runs with the option of taking a steep black slope half way through, or to take a slightly easier red run to circumvent the (very) fast slope!

Friday 3rd February – On Friday we decided upon a route that would challenge us but that would also give us an opportunity to combine what we saw as the best routes from the rest of the week. We were all feeling confident by this point and were ready for a real challenge. The route we decided upon was to take the Matterhorn express to Riffleberg, the seated ski lift to the base of the Gornergrat and take the Gornergrat train as high as it would take us. It was bitterly cold at the 10,138ft above sea level, but the amazing views of the Matterhorn and the Glacier soon took our minds of the still plummeting temperatures. We ski down a long red run from the Gornergrat, through to Gant, a run we had tried previously but this time we went none stop! By the time we reached Gant, past some of the most breath-taking views I have ever experienced, our legs were burning and we stopped for a well-deserved break. After a quick drink and a chocolate bar we jumped on to the large lift up to Hohtalli, this was quite a long lift ride and gave us time to recuperate before our most challenging run yet.

Hohtalli was at this point the highest we had been (3286m above sea level!). We planned our route back down to Riffleberg, from here we could take a series of red runs back down towards Zermatt and to our front door, and was the challenge we had be aiming for all week. From the top of a mountain none stop to our front door where the cold beers were waiting. Although we did stop a few times along the way (unintentionally, as there were a few tumbles!) We reached three quarters of the way before we had a problem. One of the group took a particularly bad fall and snapped one of his ski poles.  However, having come this far we decided to push on to the bottom, all the while thinking of the log fire and cold beers that we had left waiting for us.

We made it to the Chalet in one piece but decided we hadn’t had our fill of skiing just yet. We jumped back on the lift, back up the mountain and took a route past several mountain bars. We stopped for a bowl of goulash followed by apple strudel (well when in Rome!). After a short stay we skied further, having a few drinks along the way before reaching the chalet once more. We proceeded to celebrate our accomplishments even further before returning our ski gear and heading into town for our last meal in Zermatt.

Thanks to loving apartments for an AMAZING week, you have certainly converted four rugby lads into lifelong skiers!

If Rob has inspired you to take a trip to Zermatt and take advantage of the fantastic snow conditions, then check out the Zermatt apartments available, from budget to luxury.

Après Ski Antics

Rob, our Zermatt competition winner, gives us the lowdown on the resorts’ infamous nightlife.

Wednesday 1st February - Last night me and the lads headed into Zermatt centre for a meal and a few drinks. We decided upon a Swiss restaurant serving all manner of Swiss specialities such as fondue and local meats. The meal was superb; we started with a local style creamy barley soup, followed by a green salad. We had a mix of main courses including a delicious spag bol a perfectly cooked steak but the winner was definitely the broccoli and scallop risotto. We had a few rounds of large beers with the meal to help us get into the mood before heading to a bar. We spotted a busy bar ‘The Papperla pub’, we could see a band setting up and decided to head inside, we soon noticed the band were from Manchester and as fellow Northerners (we all live and work in and around Manchester) we soon got chatting.  The band was great, playing all manner of old and new songs and there was a real sing song atmosphere. It was quite surreal, loudly singing along to Oasis with a group of Swiss couples on one side and a Chilean family on the other. Along with the beer, the music facilitated the conversation and before we knew it we felt like we were in our local.

The pub has four pour your own beers tables, you pay up front at the bar for a certain amount (which you can top up whenever you like!) but the real draw are the televisions dotted around the pub which track the amount each table drinks on a score board!! There is even a league of the last 7 days and last month. As we had an early morning we decided not to get on one of the tables… but still ended up drinking a little too much! We made our way home through the snowy streets and back to the apartment.

Thursday 2nd February – In the morning we got up a little later than planned but we still managed to hit the slopes before lunch. As we have built up our skills and confidence we decided to ski, rather than walk, down to the lift. Its very common to see people skiing up and down the streets, something I still find a little surreal! We headed back up to Riffleberg and had a go on a few of the blue slopes we had been practising on the day before. We all felt confident and amazingly, nobody fell! So we decided to try our first red run, it wasn’t the most challenging red run in Riffleberg, but we had to start somewhere, the run was narrow in parts and had quite a few steep slopes but the most nerve racking part of the run were the camel humps, situated just at the bottom of a steep slope, it took all our newly found skills to keep upright and avoid the many much better skiers than ourselves!

After surviving this run a few more times we decided to ski the red run from Riffleberg to Sonnega. It was a challenging run, with plenty of trees and steep cliffs to avoid! We all reached our destination without incident, even stopping to take pictures along the way. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Here we Go…on the Slopes for the First Time

Sunday 28th January
In the morning we were greeted by Marion, who dutifully showed us the ins and outs of the apartment. From the log fire (with a huge pile of wood for us to use) to the central heating, heated bathroom floors, Jacuzzi bath, flat screen tv (the list really does go on). The apartment is decorated very tastefully, with interesting original artworks, one of which is floor to ceiling, the kitchen is fully stainless steel and the floors are a beautiful dark hard wood. The modern style of the place was offset by rustic features such as the 6 seater wooden dining table and of course, the roaring fire.

The living space is equipped with a big comfy couch, 5 or 6 seater, and a chaise longue which is perched in frontof the fire, something that we all rushed to sit on each time we returned to the apartment! Being on the ground floor, we also had a patio, which was regularly cleared of snow by a friendly local man. There is a table and chairs outside with an electric canopy, to keep the snow from getting n your beer, as you watch ramblers walk through the woods next to the building and skiers zip by (there is an intermediate blue run that comes past the chalet!!).

We proceeded to head into town and rent our skis and poles and we were ready to head to the ski lift, again a matter of minutes away but we decided to take the free bus as we had our hands full and well, it’s free!

We purchased our 5 day lift pass, hopped on the Zermatt express ski lift, which gives you an arial view of the town and mountains. The view is indescribable, it’s like a Christmas card, chalets perched from high in the mountains get bigger as the town becomes a miniature. It’s the first time any of us had done this and for a few moments nobody spoke, we all just looked around and occasionally pointed at the sights around us, not enough to capture the attention of anybody else in the group as their eyes were fixed either on our destination high in the mountain or on the ever shrinking town we had just left. We reached our first change over, Furi, which has a bar and restaurant and also a red ski run back down into Zermatt, along the crystal clear river and past at least 1 busy looking bar.

We hopped off and then walked to the other side of the lift station and jumped on the Riffleberg lift, as we headed higher into the mountain you could feel the excitement. We hopped off at Riffleberg, where there are 2 or three blue runs and a red run back down to Furi, where you can then ski on back to Zermatt. Something we were not ready for as novices but we have our eyes set on that by the end of the week. We made our way to the first run, via the sit on ski lift, another new experience for all of us! As we stood at the top of the slope nodded to each other and started to ski, slowly, down the run. It wasn’t long before we were falling over, accidentally skiing backwards and bumping into each other! By the time we reached the bottom we had worked out a few of the kinks and jumped back on the lift to do it all again!

We tired ourselves out on the slopes and headed back down feeling good but tired. We decided to hit the sauna in the basement of the chalet before the steam room and then back up to the room. We headed back into Zermatt for a quick bite before our introduction to the après ski!

Greetings from Zermatt!!!!

October’s Zermatt competition winner, Rob Cummins, and his 3 friends are currently enjoying their stay in the Swiss ski resort. Read Rob’s blog of his experiences of Zermatt so far.

Saturday 28th Jan – So, me and the boys all met at my house early in the morning packed and ready to go on our lunch time flight. As none of us had EVER skied before, there was a mix of nerves and excitement as the taxi arrived to take us to the airport. We checked our bags in, headed for the bar and ordered a round of beers to calm the nerves…

Once we got in the air it really hit us and we were ready to hit the slopes! We landed in Zurich, ready for the two hour train ride, through Switzerland towards Italy, to Visp. As you would expect from the Swiss, makers of the famous Swiss army knife, everything was precise and ran like clockwork. The train was an immaculate double decker and we managed to find some good seats with a great view. As we trundled along, firstly though Zurich and the towns that lay just on the outskirts we hit the beautiful country side. At this point we realised that the seemingly daunting train journey was going to make the whole experience even more memorable. We changed trains once in Visp and again the Swiss train system was on time to the second, it was only another hour from Visp to Zermatt but now we were in the mountains! A breath taking view the whole way kept us all captivated, pointing out frozen waterfalls and high up chalets along the way.

At this point, still not sure what to expect, we disembarked and our (included with the chalet) electric taxi was waiting for us. There are very few petrol cars in Zermatt, only the rescue services police and ambulances use petrol. The fact there is no petrol obviously means no pollution, coupled with the mountain air we all began to feel good. There was  a beautifully decorated pine tree in the centre of town and the streets were lined with snow and shops selling everything from cuckoo clocks to skis and snowboards. There are horse and cart taxis which also offer tours of the town, with local knowledgeable drivers pointing out good place sto eat and drink and sharing their knowledge of the area and its history.

A short ten minute taxi ride to Chalet Altesse and our first real walk in the snow (good job we all had snow boots!) and we were finally here, the place was stunning, so much so that we all looked at each other with BIG smiles before we finally opened the door. Wow. We explored our ground floor apartment, picked our bedrooms and put the kettle on. The kitchen was fully equipped with high quality appliances, Espresso machine, dish washer, microwave, oven…. you name it. All manner of utensils, cups, plates glasses… we immediately felt at home.

After our long day traveling we decided to hit the bars and a local club, fantastic atmosphere and after a few beers we walked home, all the while laughing in excitement at the week ahead. Bed time for four weary travellers.

Come back tomorrow to hear of Rob’s first experience on the slopes.

The Most Extreme Activities for your European Break

They say that you should do 1 thing a day that scares you. Not only does it build confidence in your abilities, and open your horizons to new experiences, but it will also fill your memories with exciting events to relay to others for years to come. Travelling and new experiences, come hand-in-hand, however many activities that travellers dabble in are often of a more extreme nature…

Nowadays, it’s almost normal practice to venture to new destinations and throw yourself out of a plane, or to entrap yourself in a cage while being circled by the ocean’s most feared creature. There is something incredible, and addictive about the adrenaline rush you get by doing something that is completely alien to your mind, body and soul. Crazy, but true.

Some of the most popular European destinations offer activities that some may consider wild and reckless, while others perceive as daring and adventurous. Often involving tremendous heights and lightening speeds – extreme activities often provide some of the best views of your destination, if your concentration allows it!

If you’re looking for some action for your city break or European tour, then check out our favourite most exhilarating extreme activities around Europe – sure to get your pulse racing.

Base Flying in Berlin
Forget visiting Berlin’s TV Tower for spectacular views of the city. Base flying off the Park Inn Hotel offers a great vantage point to observe this amazing city, and also provides a quick descent back to down to Earth again. Standing tall at 125m, the Park Inn Hotel is the initial launch pad that you propel yourself off, almost reaching free fall speeds, before your safety rope halts your descent. A serious adrenaline rush, and a must for bungee and skydiving fanatics, base flying is available from April through to November and costs €79.

Paragliding in Zermatt
There is no better way to appreciate the sheer beauty of a mountain range than with a bird’s eye view, and paragliding in Zermatt offers just that. Soaring over the spectacular alpine scenery, without the obstruction of windows, or the interference of engine noise, means you can appreciate the peace and tranquility, while your tandem partner guides you gentle back to land. Prices vary depending on the operator, but are around €150 for a 20-30 minute flight.

Bungee Jumping in London
Relish the spectacular sight of London’s iconic cityscape, moments before plummeting 160ft. London’s O2 Arena gives thrill seekers the opportunity to reach new heights, without even having to step foot on the London Eye, or Tower 42. The bungee launch pad is located in the venue’s car park; with the River Thames and Canary Wharf just a stone’s throw away. Make your trip to London a truly memorable and exhilarating experience. Prices are around €94 for a single jump.

Skydiving in Prague
Prague is a popular destination for group travellers, visiting on stag and hen weekends, birthday and family gatherings. An extreme activity, such as skydiving, can spice up even the most already extravagant of trips, and will make your group holiday one to remember. Skydiving is an invigorating activity, providing breath-taking views, and a feeling of absolute accomplishment – once you’ve landed safely on land. Skydiving within a group is the best scenario, as not only do you get to share this incredible experience with your loved ones, but it’s also harder to chicken out when all of your friends have already hurled themselves out of the plane! The ridicule would be never-ending… Prices vary depending on the operator, but are around €146 per jump, with reductions for group bookings.

Whether you’re looking to view Berlin from a completely different view point, or get the most amazing views of Zermatt’s spectacular Matterhorn, book your holiday apartments well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Calling All Bloggers

Are you as passionate about travelling and exploring new adventures as we are? Do you want to write about places that excite and interest you whilst getting paid for doing as such? If so, we’re calling on you to share your experiences and love of travelling and to write articles for the blogs section of our website. It doesn’t matter if it’s your favourite landmark, the best restaurants to dine at or an undiscovered gem; if it interests us we’ll post your article and give you money for doing so.

However you approach the blog is completely up to you; it can be in the form of a countdown list on your favourite shopping destinations or simply a tale from your experiences of travelling. However, the subject must be focused on one of our destinations.

These are:

How much we pay you for your article depends on the length. For 300 word articles we pay £10, and for 500 word articles we pay £15. If you’re a keen writer and want to share your experiences with a larger audience, e-mail us at info@lovingapartments.com and if we like what we read, we’ll post your article in our blogs section in due course.

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Beating the January Blues

With the festive season in full swing and Christmas now tantalisingly close, it won’t be long before we’re throwing out used wrapping paper and eating leftover turkey sandwiches. However, you can avoid the post-Christmas blues by booking an exciting holiday and give yourself something to look forward to going into January and beyond. The winter season might be upon us, but there’ll be no frosty reception waiting for you in any of these fun and friendly destinations.


It may be cold outside but that only means it’s the perfect time to go skiing or snowboarding here in Zermatt. Even if you’ve never been before, you can have beginner’s lessons to ensure you’re not on thin ice or that you get cold feet when it comes to the slopes, whereas there’s more advanced slopes if you’re feeling particularly confident. Zermatt’s landscape is particularly stunning and sure to take your breath away. The mountain peaks, particularly the Breithorn which stands tall at 4,000 metres, offer a tranquil and peaceful backdrop when you’re exploring the area. Zermatt’s natural wonders will certainly lift your spirits after the Christmas season and give you the chance to experience the holiday of a lifetime.


Is there any better way to put a smile on your face than the Disneyland theme park in Paris? Disneyland truly is one of the most magical attractions in the world, leaving the whole family feverishly excited for weeks on end. The park is open every day throughout January and beyond, with both the Euro Disneyland and Walt Disney Studios Parks available for you to enjoy, as well as all the other entertainment the village offers. Disneyland Paris truly is the perfect antidote to the January blues and will have you excited for the weeks and adventures ahead.


Although Amsterdam is a great city to visit all year round, if you’re looking for a more relaxing holiday this could be the one for you. On the clearer days you can go for winter walks around the city and see some of its serene canals and parks which are famously beautiful. However, if the weather gets to you too much you can always keep warm in the array of cafés throughout the city and be entertained by its cultural attractions such as its museums. If you’re looking for a quick and cheap weekend break to lighten your mood, Amsterdam is perfect and will ensure you’re soon in high spirits.

Although Christmas will soon be behind us, there’s no need to be down about it. Instead, book one of our Holiday Apartments today and give yourself something to look forward to beyond this winter.

Zermatt is a Top Ski Resort, so What Would you Say to a Free Holiday for you and 3 Friends?

We’re gearing up for the winter season, and with fantastic new ski apartments and chalets regularly joining our Zermatt portfolio; we’re looking to celebrate, by giving a lucky winner and 3 friends, 7 nights accommodation in Zermatt, to explore this charming town and beautiful mountain range.  

Whether you’re an enthusiastic beginner or seasoned skier, make sure you enter our Zermatt competition to be in with the chance of winning this great prize. The winner will enjoy 7 nights in a luxurious self-catered apartment within Chalet Altesse – a beautiful property within the Loving Apartments’ luxury portfolio.

Chalet Altesse is only a 10 minute walk from the Glacier Paradise Ski Lift, making it an ideal base to explore the 300km of piste, available from Zermatt. This charming resort is notorious for its vibrant après ski scene, offering a selection of bars, pubs and clubs to suit any budget and preference.

The chalet is simply stunning, built from a combination of natural stone and wood, and the prize apartment, within, is beautifully furnished with luxurious comforts, including your own wood burning fireplace. Spectacular views of the famous Matterhorn can be admired from the apartment, and the competition guests will also have the opportunity to use the chalet’s communal Finnish sauna and steam bath.

The competition closes on the 31st October. Enter here for your chance to win 7 nights in a luxurious Zermatt apartment.

Good luck!

Fancy an apartment with a bit of a difference?

It’s good to be different, and it’s certainly the case with our selection of unique apartments. These apartments are distinctive for their unusual décor or location, and offer great accommodation for an exciting city, beach or mountain break.

Perfect for a city break with the girls
This fashionable apartment is located in the centre of Budapest, just steps from the famous Raday Street and brand new shopping area – Corvin setany. Quirky and feminine, this apartment is great to visit with the girls or on a romantic break.
View apartment >

Live like royalty in your own turret
This beautiful and contemporary apartment is reminiscent of a magical Central European Fairy Tale. Inside a lovely Art Nouveau building, the apartment is located close to the River Vltava, the famous Dancing Building and Karlova Namesti – the largest square in Prague. View apartment >

Loved up on the canals of Amsterdam
This romantic houseboat was originally a sea-going fishing boat, built just after the Second World War, and has been lovingly restored to offer traditional canal living. Located just a few minutes’ walk from Centraal Station, the Love Boat provides romantic accommodation in the heart of Amsterdam. View apartment >

Stylish contemporary living
This fabulous loft apartment is located in the Eixample district – an area greatly influenced by Gaudi. This bachelor pad-style apartment boasts a smart and stylish interior with five balconies to observe the hustle and bustle of Barcelona from above. View apartment >

It’s all about the views…
Whether you’re relaxing in the lounge, lying in bed, or even taking a bath – there are spectacular views to be had from almost every room. Designed by Heinz Julen, this beautiful luxurious penthouse has floor to ceiling windows, for panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. View apartment >

Beautiful and rustic romantic retreat
This lovely apartment is just a short stroll from the beach, located in the heart of the Old Town. The apartment is perfect for a romantic beach getaway, with a terrace for tranquil alfresco dining and soft interior lighting and artistic décor.
View apartment >

Beach views inside, canals views outside
Located above the famous Greenhouse Effect Coffeeshop, Hotel and Bar, are a selection of themed rooms available on a B&B basis. The popular ‘Topical Dream’ has a beach backdrop, a hammock and a palm tree to complete the experience. The accommodation is located on the Warmoesstraat , in the heart of Amsterdam. View apartment >

Colourful fun for all
This bright and lively apartment appeals to visitors of all ages, boasting contemporary furniture and décor inspired by Achille Castiglioni. After a day exploring this fantastic city, the fun just doesn’t stop when you return to this quirky apartment, and sleeping up to 6 guests is perfect for groups or families. View apartment >