Weird and Wonderful Facts about Amsterdam and The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a fascinating and diverse city, rich in history, and art, and with an open-minded social culture. There are few facts about the Dutch capital that may astonish and amaze you, and although they will probably not assist you in any way on your next city break there, you will look like a genius on your next trip to the local pub.

1. There are over 1 million bicycles in Amsterdam, and only 700,000 locals. So don’t be surprised if on your next trip to Amsterdam you witness a strange Amsterdammer performing the double bike ride trick. They’re just making use of the equipment they have!

2. The Netherlands has the tallest people in the world, with Dutch males averaging at 6”, and females at 5’7. If you have height complex, you may want to bear this in mind when visiting Amsterdam.

3. Amsterdam is the city of houseboats, with over 3,000 situated along its complex canal structure. It also has one cat boat, or ‘Poezenboot’ as it is referred to, which homes stray cats.

4. The Netherlands supplies 70% of the world’s Bacon.

5. Amsterdam is home to the greatest number of museums in any one city. These include art galleries, houses of historic and political significance, sex museums, and a museum dedicated to the Dutch icon, the tulip.

6. The Netherlands was the first nation to legalise same sex marriages in 2001.

7. Amsterdam’s notorious 200+ coffee shops can supply up to 5g of cannabis to an individual. Coffee anyone?

8. Forget roads! Amsterdam has 400km of cycle lanes, and a 100km canal structure.

9. Amsterdam is situated well below sea level, and would be at threat of severe flooding if the sea levels were to rise from global warming.

10.  With such a prominent café culture, Amsterdam has only two Starbucks. It just keeps fighting against them!

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