5 Do’s and Don’ts To Sexting

You would think that sending a couple promiscuous texts and pictures would be common sense, but that’s not always the case. There are many restrictions and must do’s if you want to be considered a decent sexter so take a sneak peek at that highly valuable tips that will get you more action and less embarrassment faster than you can press send.

1. Don’t Show Your Face:

This is one of the most obvious rules when sending a nude or scandalous picture, but sometimes it’s easy to get caught up at the moment and forget to crop it out. If your face isn’t in it, then there is no positive way for anyone to prove it’s you if it so happens to go viral.

Many people make the mistake of sending it to someone they thought they could trust but little did they know the nude with your face on it is now saved in everyone’s photo album to be used at their disposal. Don’t be dumb and too trusting of these pictures, send them but without your identification.

2. Do Use Explicit Details:

The whole point of sexting is to get a little creative and create a vivid and sexual image for your partner to visual while pleasuring themselves. Make sure you have a good vocabulary whether you have your go-to words or look them up before proceeding your sexting conversations.

Try to immerse yourself in a real life situation and try your best to explain the exact things that you would be doing if you just so happened to be there in person. It will make the entire experience more enjoyable for both parties.

3. Don’t Make Your Texts Too Long:

The majority of us have small attention spans so instead of writing a novel to which we have to scroll through it’s almost sexier getting off in a couple of words that resonate rather than along as an explanation.

I’m not saying that you should stick with one-word answers, but there’s no need to send multiple paragraphs within one message when it’s supposed to be a mutual thing, so be patient and wait to play off what you partner says. No need to rush things and race towards the finale without fulfillment.

4. Do Double Check Before Sending:

The worst thing that can happen is sending it to the wrong person so make sure you’re absolutely confident you’re sending the right text or picture to the specified person. There are so many mixups and sometimes contact names can get mixed up with similar first names so don’t rush the sexts to the point of accidentally making things awkward with a family member or let alone a friend.

Obviously, your close friends will find this hilarious and understand, but it will be hard to get out of this one when it comes to coworkers, parents and group project members so beware.

5. Don’t Use Emojis:

Now I know there is some sexual emojis out there, but that doesn’t mean you need to include them in every message. Sometimes words and imagination are all anyone needs without the colorful little picture making us feel like we are little kids again. Sometimes it takes away from the content to ease up on the eggplant and tongue emojis, please.

Learn more about sexting from the video below!