A Round Up Of Our Favorite Nightclubs In Our Most Popular Destinations

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1. Cova d’en Xoroi Nightclub, Menorca:

If you are looking for a way to close out the summer months with a bang, then this nightclub, set high above sea level in the resort of Cala’n Porter on the south coast of Menorca, is the place to do it. It is considered one of the most impressive clubs throughout the Balearic Islands with its outside terraces that lead to natural caves with intimate seating areas and a dance floor. No matter which night you decide to attend, you are sure to enjoy one of the greatest nights of your life as you’re led by one of the regular DJs. If you’re looking for an evening you’ll never forget, check the events calendar on the website www.covadenxoroi.com, and attend one of the live music performances or a special themed night with an international DJ.

Photto Credit: dgbury @ Flickr.
Photto Credit: dgbury @ Flickr.

The club opens at 11:00 p.m. and closes at 6:00 a.m. (make sure to check the website as times change according to season and weather). The cover charge is 20 Euros which includes an alcoholic drink, and they enforce a smart casual dress code. If you want more information, or want to make a reservation, you can visit the website listed above, email them at cova@covadenxoroi.com, or call at +34971377236. Make sure this is a summer season you won’t soon forget and head to Menorca before the warm days are gone.

2. Space Menorca Nightclub, Menorca:

The summer months are a time for the young to travel, let loose, and really party hard. A new club on the island, Space Menorca, has introduced a new concept of sophisticated nightlife, with the most powerful sound systems, advanced LED technology, and the latest video mapping software. If this new club is trying to unveil a new way to party, then it certainly has the space to do so. It is divided into three areas: an open entrance hall with bar, for you to meet up with your friends before getting lost in the fray; a main club room with dance music, for you to get your groove on; and a large outdoor “chill-out” terrace upstairs with lounge seating and two bars, for you to take a break from dancing and chatting with your friends. There are also VIP zones in the club and upstairs which can be booked beforehand. There are constantly theme nights like Retrospective Sundays, Super Girl Wednesdays, and a different party night every Saturday. Go to the website www.spacemenorca.com to pick the perfect night for you and your friends.

Photo Credit: Abeeeer @ Flickr.
Photo Credit: Abeeeer @ Flickr.

The club is open every night from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. and costs 25 Euros to enter, but discount coupons can be found all over the surrounding area (bars, restaurants, hotels, etc.). For more information you can visit the website listed above, email them at info@spacemenorca.com, or call them at 627 802 047. If you and your friends are looking to party in a whole new way, then travel to Menorca and check out this cutting-edge club.


1. Pacha Nightclub, Majorca:

If you and your friends want to go out, but have different tastes in party music, then the Pacha Nightclub in Majorca is the place for you. It is set on Paseo Maritim in Plama, and spread over three floors. It has the usual terraces with wonderful views, a restaurant, and VIP rooms like most clubs. What makes it special is the three separate rooms which each feature a different kind of music with one playing mostly house music for those who like to dance, one playing funk for those who like to “get down” and funky, and another featuring chill-out music for those who need to relax and have a few drinks. The club also features a variety of party nights and exclusive music events. See the website http://www.pachamallorca.es or the dates of these events, and to view the days of regular theme nights like “Pacha Classics” on Mondays. If you wish to make reservations or just want more information, you can also visit the website listed above for contact information. The Pacha Nightclub offers a wide variety, but the summer season is about to pass, so don’t miss their prime events, and head to Majorca for the closing of the season.

Photo Credit: Traveling_Shan @ Flickr.
Photo Credit: Traveling_Shan @ Flickr.


1. The Schneewittchen, Zermatt:

With the winter months just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for your winter travel. For those of you who aren’t tired out after a day on the slopes, one of the best party clubs in the Alps, is very close by. It is located in the Papper la Pub, which is also a nice place for a drink, and opens at 11:00 p.m. running until 3:30 a.m. Since opening in 2003, it has been the meeting point for locals, season workers, VIPs, ski teachers, ski bummies, and international party people. It is a great place to meet people in the area and make friends with fellow visiting skiers. There is a wide variety of events held here. The most famous of the nights to attend are the Rock ‘n Roll Sundays which feature bands from all over the world. On top of this, the club shows popular DJs and party labels, and has some of the craziest party themes. You can check out the website www.papperlapub.ch/das_schnee.html to see what theme will best suit you, when guest DJs will appear, and the dates of special live performances. Whether you need to fill the time between slope sessions, or are just a party hound, the Schnee or the “snow” is, ironically, one of the hottest spots in the area.

Photo Credit: www.facebook.com/groups/197920295215/
Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/groups/197920295215/


1. Pub Mont Fort, Verbier:

For those skiers who like a cheap drink after they get off the slopes, then a wild party once they have rested up will find the Pub Mont Fort to be a paradise in the snow. This beautiful historic building in the heart of the Swiss Alps is host to many wild nights w/ after skiing parties, live music, half- priced happy hour and much more. On top of this, they have weekly drink promotions, sports on the big-screen, and great food. There are two large bars on both levels, and more importantly, customers can try their luck at the legendary shots bar, where the “shot master” creates a new shot almost every night. As the season approaches, go to the website www.pubmontfort.com to see the upcoming weekly promotions and parties. This place is for a variety of skiers with their delicious and fresh menu, wide variety of drinks, many types of live music, and a never-ending list of party ideas. Come out to Verbier and experience the combination of amazing skiing followed by a night of drinking and fun.

Photo Credit: PGCreativeLtd @ Flickr.
Photo Credit: PGCreativeLtd @ Flickr.

2. The Farm Club, Verbier:

For those skiers and partiers who love the spotlight, there is a nightclub which claims to have the highest profile in the resort. The Farm Club carries a great history, still having the two original owners, and has a great reputation that has yet to be challenge by others in the area. It has seen the likes of David Bowie and Diana Ross, both of whom used to dance the night away with slope workers and ski bums. To preserve this history, the booths, benches, and even support beams have been renovated and replaced. When you dance in this club, you are literally dancing in the same place as European royals and countless celebrities. The clubs chic, sexy interior is home to many events and parties, and should be on the list of any partier headed to the area for the ski season.

Photo Credit: www.facebook.com/FarmClubVerbier
Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/FarmClubVerbier

The hours for this season have not yet been posted, but last year the club opened at 11:00 p.m. and had no definite closing time. As the season gets closer, check the website www.hotelnevai.com/farm-club for current hours and upcoming events. This club is known as the place to see and be seen, so if you wish to get on the map, or share a drink with a famous celebrity while you talk about the slopes, this is the club to go to.

Top 6 Family-Friendly Events To Enjoy In Europe!

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Carrieres de Lumieres, 5th of January 2014

If you are trying to decide whether or not to take the family to Provence and the question is, “What can we all do together,” then look no further. The underground quarries just outside the villages have been host to sound and light shows featuring great artists for awhile now. Last year the show featured Van Gogh and Gaugin, and has been described as nothing short of beautiful. The artists’ works are projected gigantically on the quarry walls as you wander through a maze of underground tunnels. The images move or swim across the walls to a soundtrack that plays throughout your visit. This year’s show is called Monet, Renoir… Chagall, Journeys around the Mediterranean. It will move through these artists works and put you and your family in a different world for over an hour.

The shows run from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. through September and starting in October they run from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The price for adults is 9.50 euros, price for kids 7-17 is 7.5 euros, and kids under 7 get in free. This is a great activity for the whole family, and if you have very young children, then it is a great way to save some money.

Carrieres De Lumieres
Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/CarrieresDeLumieres


Time Elevator, open year-round

Are you considering heading to Rome but are worried that experiencing the history there might get a bit boring for you or your kids? Well, there is an exciting way to view the history of Rome that will make your sight-seeing much more special. The Time Elevator is an exciting adventure that includes all of your senses through the use of new digital, mechanical, and stereoscopic technologies. When you go into the Time Elevator you step into the history of Rome and immediately are taken back to the founding of the city. As you move forward you see the victories and defeats as well as the development and eventual fall of the Roman Empire. This is followed by later events focusing on the popes all the way to the Fascist period, and even some present day Rome.

Photo Credit: Time Elevator Roma Facebook Page
Photo Credit: Time Elevator Roma Facebook Page

You experience all of this on a treadmill, which is a fixed special armchair, with a sophisticated audio system with individual headphones in 6 languages (Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian). Not only do you hear the action but you feel it as well through multi-sensory effects like rain, wind, and many others. This journey through time gives you a unique perspective and will be fun for all ages. It costs 12 euros for adults and 9 euros for children. If you want more information you can visit www.time-elevator.it.


Folklore Show of the Danube Folk Ensemble, 29th October 2014

If you’re looking to experience the history of a country in an exciting and visually stimulating way, then Budapest should be next on your travel list. The folklore of all countries is interesting, but in Budapest, one group has been able to put the common folklore into a dance and music show and they have become one of the most popular folk acts in the world. They combine the continuous theatre dance with folklore dances, but also include modern aspects to better relate to the audience. They are made up of a 30 person dance ensemble accompanied by a 7 person folklore band. The show does not run every night of the week and takes a break for the winter months. The dates for the remainder of the year are one performance on September 30th, and October 2nd, 7th, 9th, 14th, 16th, 21st, 23rd, 28th, and 30th. The winter break follows and performances resume in May, 2014.

Folklore Show of the Danube Folk Ensemble
Photo Credit: ٭٭ NơƐണí ٭٭ @ Flickr.

The tickets are arranged into 3 categories depending on the quality of seat, and the seating map can be viewed at www.budapest.com by clicking on things to do, and then looking under the events category. Prices can be found here as well. Remember that the Euro is not used in Budapest, but they use the HUF. The most expensive ticket costs around 21 Euros (6200 HUF), but the conversion rates may change so be sure to check before you purchase tickets. They are also offering a special rate if you decide to purchase a dinner cruise right after the show. The hosts/hostesses will lead you on a 4 minute walk to take a cruise along the stunning Danube River. This special package only costs around 49 euros (14500 HUF) with a category I ticket at the current exchange rate. Reservations can be made by emailing tours.mailbox@budapest.com. Come enjoy a fabulous show with the family, and then treat them to dinner on the river at a very good price.

Folklore Show of the Danube Folk Ensemble 02
Photo Credit: Txapulín @ Flickr.


Family Sundays at Castelo de Sao Jorge, 1st and 4th Sundays of each month

Have you been having trouble getting your kids to enjoy history? Well, here is another fun way for you and your kids to experience some of the history of Lisbon. On the first Sunday of the month at 11:00 a.m., the “heralds of fun” at St. George’s Castle, will lead you through two hours of fun and games. The games will carry historical meaning and are meant for the kids, and even parents, to learn from them. The games played include break-the-jugs, the blind-stick, the treasure tower, and many more.

Castelo de Sao Jorge 01
Photo Credit: freakyman @ Flickr.

If you’re looking to learn more about the buildings history, then come back on the fourth Sunday of the month for a 1.5 hour tour of the castle and archaeological site. This tour will help you discover characters and stories of the past, while also striving to gain sensitivity and respect for historical heritage as an important aspect of culture. To make reservations you can call 218 800 620 or send an email to servicoeducativo@castelodesaojorge.pt. Each activity costs only 3 Euros and is sure to have you and your children hooked on history.


Festa Des Verman (Wine Fair), 28th and 29th September 2013

If you and your family are looking to experience the culture of a place first hand, then this festival is a good start. Every September, the village of Binissalem celebrates their feast Festa Des Verman, or the grape harvest festival. This celebration includes a variety of events like a grape-crushing competition, mass village dinners, parades, and a wine-tasting contest. The two highlights of this event, of which people say you cannot miss out on, are the fire-runners and, more importantly, the infamous grape battle where it is mandatory that you wear white. The final day of the festival has local entertainment in the main square and free wine starting at 4:30 p.m. in the church square.

Festa Des Verman 01
Photo Credit: Porto Bay Events – Porto Bay Hotels @ Flickr.

This festival does not require reservations or purchasing tickets beforehand, but it could be quite crowded so be sure to arrive early. It is an exciting event to take the family to. And the grape battle is something your kids will not soon forget. Head to Majorca and witness as well as take part in a fantastic local festival, while enjoying some of the greatest wine in the world.

Festa Des Verman 02
Photo Credit: George M. Groutas @ Flickr.


Andante Boat, Operates all year

Whether you are looking for a simple sight-seeing cruise, want to have dinner while sailing through the historic center of Prague, or want a boat all to yourselves, the Andante boat is a perfect fit. This boat offers all of these options, and if you decide to rent out the boat for a group, there are even alternate destination choices like the quiet river town of “Slapy,” or a slow drift around “Nelahozeves Castle.”

Andante Boat 01
Photo Credit: crazbabe21 @ Flickr.

This beautiful boat has an air conditioned, inside dining room with 60 seats and an adjoined smoking room for 10, as well as a sun covered sight-seeing upper deck that seats 90. Catering is also available on the boat. You can head to www.prague-boats.cz to book a cruise or rent out a boat. Prices vary depending on the cruise and they can also be found at the same sight, but remember they are listed in the Koruna of the Czech Republic. The conversion is 1 Euro to roughly 26 Korunas, but be sure to check before you make reservations as the rate is constantly changing. The Andante Boat is a great way to have a family reunion that nobody will ever forget, or just take a relaxing 2-hour cruise with the kids to see the wonderful sights of Prague.

Paris Horror – Enjoy A Ghoulish Experience This Halloween In Paris, 2013

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halloween poster

1. Disneyland Park:

Celebrating Halloween with little ones? There’s no better place for your kids to enjoy spooky chills and extra shivers than Disneyland Park. Throughout the month of October, the thrilling extravaganza of Halloween Festival and other great events will be on with many attractions open throughout the night with extra specials added especially for Halloween.

If you really want to go big this Halloween, then head to the 31st October Disney Halloween party with the whole family for some spooky good time. A special spirited programme has been arranged for this Halloween party to make it the eeriest night of the year. But the 31st of October is not the only night to enjoy in Disneyland Park.

From 5th till 31st October, Disneyland will be celebrating the Halloween Festival where Disney characters and villains will be there to greet and meet your little ghouls. So dress up and head to Disneyland Park this Halloween for some spooktacular fun.

But that’s not it! This year Disneyland is back with ‘Terrific Night’ arranged not only once but twice on 29th and 30th of October. It promises double the chills and thrills with lots of hellish scares lurking in the dark. There will also be lots of spooky surprises for you to unveil in stores. So whether you have little ones with you or you yourself are feeling like giving the kid in you a nice scare this Halloween, then book tickets now for Disneyland Park, get your costume all sorted and book yourself a comfortable stay with Loving Apartments to make your trip the best ever!

Photo Credit: heatheronhertravels @ Flickr.
Photo Credit: heatheronhertravels @ Flickr.

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2. Les Catacombes de Paris:

Enter this spooky crypt and the first words to greet you are ‘Stop. This is the Land of the Dead.’

That alone is enough to send shivers down your spine. But wait till you descend the 130 stairs and step into the ossuary of this Paris catacomb. As soon as you enter, you will find yourself surrounded by real human bones everywhere. And that is just the beginning. The les catacombs of Paris take you through long winding tunnels that go on for a couple of kilometres. Throughout the way you will find millions of skulls and bones neatly stacked around you. All these skeletons have been excavated from actual cemeteries of Paris in the 18th century. This just makes it even more of a ghoulish experience. Most of the bones here where dug up from the Le Cimetere des Innocents cemetery which got so overcrowded that people started digging up the dead, leaving open graves to rot. That’s when someone came up with this brilliant idea of stacking all the bones in the southern part of the city. Over the years, skeletons from other cemeteries were added. While you walk through the tunnel, you will find this mentioned on the walls representing which group the bones came from.

So if you’re headed to Paris this year for Halloween or are already there, make sure you put down this spooky destination as a must-visit. To enjoy an even more hair-raising experience, try visiting as Les Catacombes as early as possible, when there are few visitors giving it an even creepier look and feel.

Photo Credit: frozenchipmunk @ Flickr.
Photo Credit: frozenchipmunk @ Flickr.

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Haunted Barcelona – Join The Spanish This Halloween At These Top 4 Events!

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halloween poster

For the Spanish 31st October alone isn’t enough for celebrating Halloween. In Spain, Halloween is a 3 day celebration and is known as ‘El Dia de Ios Muertos’ or ‘Day of the Dead’. From 31st October till 2nd November, families commemorate their dead with a belief that on this day their dead loved ones return home to reunite with them for Halloween. But they don’t just celebrate Halloween to honour their dead but also to celebrate life.

1. Noite de Calacus: 31st October

The night of Halloween kicks off in Barcelona with ‘Noite de Calacus’ which is the ‘Night of Pumpkins’. This is when your kids can have a lot of fun going around in the streets trick or treating. Supermarkets and stores all over the city will be stacked with pumpkins, so don’t forget to get yours. This night is for kids to dress up as their favourite character and go around in their neighbourhood collecting candy.

But once the kids are in bed, the night goes on with lots of more activities and parties arranged all over the city for adults to get dressed up and head to bars and clubs for some adult Halloween fun.

Photo Credit: FreeCat by Flickr.
Photo Credit: FreeCat by Flickr.

2. Polaroid Bar:

The location of this bar alone makes it especially attractive for Halloween. Situated in an eerie gothic street of Barcelona, this bar is quite famous for The Rocky Horror Polaroid Halloween Party it throws each year. The night kicks off at 9pm with a screening of the legendary horror movie after which they have named their party, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. After that starts the real costume party at 11pm where you can dance all night long and enjoy some of Barcelona’s most recognized mojitos. So visit the Polaroid Bar this Halloween for some great Barcelona fun.

3. Cemetery Concerts:

Since the Spanish celebrate Halloween to commemorate their dead, it only makes sense that a cemetery is where they would head for some Halloween fun. During the last week of October, cemeteries in Barcelona extend their opening hours so people can come in to honour and remember their loved ones who have passed away. But that’s not it. During this week, cemeteries hold concerts and exhibitions of all sorts where you can find classical music and some eerie sounds being played along with coffin exhibitions and other sorts of exhibits that are really interesting to look at, if not spooky.

4. Port Aventura:

If you don’t feel like hitting the club for Halloween, another great place to head to is the Port Aventura. This port gets an extra special Halloween makeover with all kinds of thrills for you to experience. So face your deepest fears by taking a walk through the amusement park and encounter unusual worlds emerge from the dark. Monsters, ghosts, zombies and all kinds of gruesome creatures will be there to give you the darkest night of your life.

Barcelona can be a great way to celebrate Halloween this year and Loving Apartments is here to make sure you enjoy an extra comfortable stay.

Photo Credit: www.PortAventura.co.uk
Photo Credit: http://www.PortAventura.co.uk

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Gothic Rome – Top 2 Unnerving Destinations To Visit This Halloween In Rome, 2013

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halloween poster

If you really wanted to be spooked on Halloween in Rome, here are some places you must pay a visit:

1. Crypt of the Capuchin Monks:

This crypt was set up by the friars of Italy in the 16th century when cemeteries began getting so overcrowded that they had to come up with another way of dealing with the dead. And this crypt is what they came up with. Though the crypt was initially intended for other dead friars, it soon turned into an unusual tradition followed by the Romans in which it became a social status to have the affluent dead preserved and put up in this crypt.

The Capuchin Monks crypt holds almost 4000 dead Capuchin Monk’s bones that have been arranged in weird decorative signs. The crypt is a place that is definitely not for those who get easily spooked. You will come across decayed and shriveled skeletons lined up, some sitting, some standing whereas others are set up in odd positions that show they might be talking to another skeleton, rocking in a chair, or enacting other scenes from their lives. You will also come across many bones that have been arranged in patterns like a triangle, arch, flower, cross, circle etc. and nailed to the wall.

To give you even more chills, you will come across unnerving signs like:

“What you are, we once were. What we are, you someday will be.”

Photo Credit: krotpong @ Flickr.
Photo Credit: krotpong @ Flickr.

2. Monster Park:

If you have kids with you, you might not want to take them to the Crypt of the Capuchin Monks. However there are plenty of other places in Rome that are not too scary yet spooky enough for kids to enjoy as a Halloween thrill. Amongst these places, the Monster Park is one of the best.  Located in the northern side of Rome, the Monster Park is filled with monstrous statues from the mythological dark world of the 1500s.

Take a stroll through this park and your kids will be marveled and frightened by the grotesque figures that have been skilfully carved from natural rock. Art and nature together create such a surrealistic fantasy in this park. One of the best structures to check out in this park is the Mouth of Hell, which essentially is a gigantic face of an ogre with a gapping mouth so big that people can actually walk through it. Other interesting structures you will come across include a huge tortoise with a statue standing on its shell, a nymph that has butterfly wings, a crude Hercules while slaying an Amazon, a mermaid, a harpy, lions, snarling dogs and so much more.

The garden itself is located in such a picturesque location, in a deep valley, overlooking the Orsini’s park and village houses. It’s a place that both adults and kids will enjoy. The Monster’s Park is definitely a site worth visiting for a spooky yet fun day out with the kids in Rome.

Photo Credit: StefanoRomeTours @ Flickr.
Photo Credit: StefanoRomeTours @ Flickr.

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Amsterdam Spook – Spookiest Parties & Events To Attend In Amsterdam This Halloween, 2013

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halloween poster

Amsterdam is known for going that extra mile when it comes to partying. No matter what the celebration is, Amsterdam always adds a bit of quirky weirdness to it, making their parities and celebrations extra awesome. So if you’re headed to Amsterdam for your Halloween celebrations, here are some of the parties and events you can’t miss out on:

1. 2013 Amsterdam Halloween Festival: 25th – 31st October

Get ready for the 4th annual Amsterdam Halloween Festival arranged by the very best Amsterdam Spook from 25th October till 31st October. It’s going to be creepier, bloodier, and scarier than ever with their line-up of devilish fun events for you to enjoy.

2. Fright Night Skate: 25th October

This Halloween you won’t just be getting all dressed up in your demonic costumes and morbid makeup but you’ll be rocking your spine-chilling look on roller skates. Join the hundreds of other freaks who will be skating away the Halloween fun at Amsterdam Spook’s special Fright Night Skate starting at 20.30 and all for free.

Photo Credit: www.fridaynightskate.com/‎
Photo Credit: http://www.fridaynightskate.com/‎

3. Mr. Horror’s Halloween Horror Show: 25th October

For those of you, who just want to lie back, relax and let a movie do all the spooking for them, this is the place to be. All night long the Halloween horror movie marathon will be running, with 4 of the scariest films being screened at the Tuschinski. Starting mid-night, be prepared to be immersed in a chasm of a ghastly world.

4. Cinekid Halloween in Kriterion: 26th October

This Halloween the Kriterion has made their theatre extra special by arranging a little party for young ones aged 5 – 12. This party kicks off at 12pm and goes on till 6pm, with lots of spooky fun for kid to enjoy. Special games and crafts have been arranged by Kriterion for kids to participate in all for free. So take your kids to Kriterion this Halloween, get their faces painted for free and then head in to treat your family to a spooky movie viewing in their cosy theatres.

5. Halloween Boat Party: 26th October

Nothing beats a boat party! If this is the kind of fun you are looking to have this Halloween then book yourself in for this amazing Halloween Boat Party that leaves the Central Station at 21:30 to arrive at the Felix Meritis building by the canal at 23:00. You will be treated to on-board performances, a scary tales party, a real frightening crew and drinks under the pale moonlight. So book your tickets now to enjoy a boat party this Halloween.

Photo Credit: MDGovpics
Photo Credit: MDGovpics

6. Dungeon Halloween Dinner Cruises: 27th – 31st October

For those of you boating fanatics who weren’t satisfied by what the Halloween boat party has to offer, here’s an added dimension of terror for you to enjoy! Before hopping on-board, first you’ll experience a 90 minute bone-chilling tour of the most terrifying Amsterdam Dungeon. Your tour will include going through different rooms that will deliver real life historical horror events by actors, sound effects, lighting and moving equipment that will take you through a death-defying adventure. That will be topped by a boat tour through the eerie canals of Amsterdam with dinner and drinks served on board. Entertainment you’ve never seen before awaits you.

Photo Credit: www.facebook.com/TheAmsterdamDungeon
Photo Credit: http://www.facebook.com/TheAmsterdamDungeon

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Eeire London – Top 4 Blood-Curdling Destinations To Visit This Halloween In London, 2013

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halloween poster

No one celebrates Halloween quite like the Londoners. There are a ton of events going on in London this Halloween for both kids and adults. Whether you fancy going to a club or Halloween themed party, or sit back and let a spooky film do the work, or head out with your kids to a kid – friendly Halloween party, there are a ton of events and activities to participate in. Here are some of the best, not-to-be-missed events:

1. Halloween Hocus Pocus:

Wicked goblins, grotesque monsters, cackling witches, vampires and all sorts of creepy characters are awaiting your kids this year at the ‘Chessington World of Adventures’. This Halloween extravaganza transforms the park creating an ambiance that will surely give your little ones some hellish scare. The zoo will let visitors get up close and personal with owls, rats, snakes, spiders and other creepy crawly insects. A haunted house has been set up for kids to solve the Hocus Pocus mystery by revealing some spine-chilling secrets. Lots of scary stories will be told at the famous Market Square and other not to miss attractions include the Castle Dracula the Transylvanian village of Black Hollow. Let your kids enjoy some spooky adventures this Halloween by taking them to the Chessington World of Adventures.

Photo Credit: Roller Coaster Philosophy @ Flickr.
Photo Credit: Roller Coaster Philosophy @ Flickr.

2. Greenwich Market:

The Greenwich Market is one of the best London markets for your Halloween shopping. The whole market will portray an eerie twist to visitors through stalls selling everything you need to have an amazing Halloween this year. Each corner of the Greenwich market will have creepily-carved pumpkins, amazing Halloween costumes, ghoulish music playing and other blood-curdling decorations hanging around to give the Greenwich Market a seriously spooky transformation. Kids can get into the Halloween spirit by getting their faces painted, while other stalls will encourage people to bring in their own skilfully carved pumpkins and participating in competitions held for the best pumpkin. There will be plenty of other shows for you to participate in like a scary fashion show and a best-dressed competition for your dogs. The Greenwich market is a family-friendly event for you to enjoy this year.

Photo Credit: ell brown @ Flickr.
Photo Credit: ell brown @ Flickr.

3. Torture Garden Halloween Ball:

For all the 18+ looking to have some serious Halloween fun, this is the party to be at. Lots of thrills and chills are promised at this Halloween ball which features burlesque cabaret, amazing performance art and a dress code you cannot skip out on if you want to enter the Torture Garden. This Halloween is exclusively for those looking to enjoy authentic clubbing with friends on Halloween night. Almost 2000 clubbers are expected to join in on Halloween night for fetish filled mayhem.

But the fetish community is not the only people targeted at the Torture Garden Halloween Ball. It will attract several other underground cultures like burlesque, electro and goth. Each room will have its own theme showcasing everything from live music and art installations to fashion shows. So book your tickets now to The Torture Garden Halloween Ball taking place on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd of November, right after the creepiest night of the year.

4. The London Dungeon:

You can’t get wrong with this one! The home of Halloween is going seriously big this year to celebrate its most loved celebration, Halloween. Some of the major attractions to look out for this year at The London Dungeon is an awesome new Dungeon, 20 live actors, 18 new shows, special effects, state-of-the-art themed decorations, amazing underground rides, story-telling and so much more.

This year’s special new character is The Pumpineer, who is joined by a cast full of blood freezing and terrifying characters like Jack the Ripper, Rat Catcher with a mob of real rats, Sweeney Todd and many more. Along with these ghoulish characters, you’ll be jumping out of your skin to the blood curdling screams of tortured souls. The 90 minute tour in The London Dungeon will put you through many more incredible experiences, thrilling rides, and so much more. Best of all, each visitor will enjoy a special Halloween treat.

So if this is the kind of fun you have in mind for Halloween this year better get your hands on tickets to The London Dungeon soon.

Photo Credit: Oscar del Rio @ Flickr.
Photo Credit: Oscar del Rio @ Flickr.

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